About the supplier

The company began life way back in 1888. We went by a different name back then though – our name was Oyez. Oyez is an old Anglo-Norman word that means “Hear Ye”, and was a term used in a court of law to call for attention, a name chosen by our founder to market his professional and legal stationery products.

Since then, we developed through organic growth and acquisition of other companies transforming the business into one of the largest office product and service suppliers in the UK. With so many areas of expertise under our belts, a new name was needed for a strong unified brand.

We now serve over 12,000 customers nationwide with an annual turnover of £152m – quite a step up from the small legal stationers established over 120 years ago!

Our Ranges

We are different from other stationery suppliers. As well as our extensive range of quality and competitively priced office supplies, we also have a unique portfolio of office services to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently. So whether you need office paper and pens, someone to print and manage your marketing collateral or extra space to store your old financial documents, you can find it all.

Using a single supplier for all your office needs can increase productivity and keep your expenditure to a minimum. If you’ve had enough of dealing with multiple suppliers every day, come and see what we can do to help you run your business more efficiently.

See the fantastic range of products available by checking our products and services.

Why Choose Us?

As we operate in a number of sectors, we provide experienced and expert knowledge on a wide variety of business services. This means that whether you need advice on how to manage your office printing solutions, or a practical way to store your company records, we have a dedicated expert on hand to help you make the right choice.

We have 23 stocking points over the UK to fulfil your order quickly and efficiently. This also means that we have a considerably lower impact on the environment as we make fewer long journeys than our competitors. This approach also helps us to pass on travel savings to you, resulting is faster deliveries at cheaper costs.

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality solutions for the legal and professional industries. Our expertise covers a range of intelligent products and services, including legal forms, digital transcription and dictation services, as well as the full range of legal stationery you would expect from the UK’s largest office supplies and services family.

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